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Mission Statement Of The Salem Conservative.

If we as American citizens are going to have any chance of keeping our God-given rights and traditions alive, which include our faith in God, country and family, we must have news and information that exposes the very serious corruption, which threatens our Republic, and our institutions. At the Salem Conservative, we aren't afraid to confront the issues most concerning to moral, intelligent Americans who know full well the scope of our mutual struggle against principalities, powers and spiritual wickedness in high places.


We must challenge the 'official' narratives of all fake news outlets by seeking quality alternative outlets who oppose this agenda of dehumanization.  We owe our children and grandchildren the same rights our forefathers fought to give to us.  We must defend all that we hold dear in these times of universal deceit that test men's souls by seeking greater truth.  

This news outlet is committed to preserving what is held most important in the lives of free-thinking Americans; freedom, liberty and the pursuit of happiness through love for God, country and family.  We pledge to deliver the most cutting edge news and information to strengthen your physical, mental and spiritual immune systems.  At the Salem Conservative, we adopt as our motto, the official motto of the Republic of these United States, In God We Trust.

May God Bless The United States Of America.

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